3 Signs that You were Reincarnated

3 Signs that You were Reincarnated

3 Signs that You were Reincarnated

Have you ever felt like you have lived before?

Had way too many Déjà Vu moments for it to be a coincidence?

Have you had dreams about places that you have never been?

While this could be just your imagination, it is very possible that you have been reincarnated, according to some popular beliefs.

Many people don’t read articles like this, because they don’t believe that people have souls, so therefore how can they believe in reincarnation.

However, the proof is around us each and every day.

Read on for three concrete signs that you may have been reincarnated.

Dreams and Nightmares

Many people who have been reincarnated have dreams and nightmares of places that they could have never been.

There have often been reports of children that dream of WWII at two and three years old, when there is no way they could even know about the war yet.

Reoccurring dreams of dying or being in a certain place every single night are indicators that you have lived this dream before.

Fears You can’t Explain

Where do fears and phobias come from?

How can you be deathly afraid of water, although you have never been in danger of drowning?

How can anyone be scared of the color red? This might seem like a strange phobia, but it is out there and very real.

You could be afraid of water because you drowned in a past life.

You might be afraid of the color red, because you were ran down and killed by a red streetcar.

Fears and phobias have never really been explained, however, many, many years on the shrinks couch doesn’t seem to cure most of them.

After all, think about it, if your past life comes through in your dreams, can’t your fears come through in your daily life as well. Of course, they can!

You Feel No Where is Home

It is possible that you were reincarnated if you feel like you have never really had a home.

You feel that you belong nowhere, not in your state, your town, or even your own home.

This is a concrete sign that your soul is yearning for another place, another time, where it was happy and content.

It is possible that you don’t know where home is, but you know it isn’t where you live.

If you are reincarnated from long a go then you are considered an old soul and probably belong in another time, another place, and maybe even another century.

These are just three of the signs that you might be reincarnated.

If you feel out of place in your own town and with your own family, this could be the reason.

Reincarnation has been debated for centuries now.

From children who cry out in the night that they are burning to adults that remember centuries before they were born, their memories are real.

If it can’t be explained by science, then it has to be explained somewhere?

Doesn’t it?


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